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July 19, 2019

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Rink Dividers Are Still a Member Hot Button Topic

Since Hockey Canada introduced cross ice play and the use of ice dividers to assist in providing programs, ORFA members continue to struggle with implementing and servicing user groups. The ORFA continues to monitor the issue and welcomes feedback on the subject so that we might better understand all benefits and challenges associated with this change.  
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Moving of Ice Arena Nets Policy and Procedures

Another member has raised the issue of volunteers being on the ice and assisting staff with moving the nets as part of the ice resurfacing process. The ORFA continues to research industry best practice(s) on this matter.  
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Reminder: Summer Rink Conditions are Often Perfect for Mould Growth

Any building may have mould. However, buildings with a history of water leaks, floods, and problems with indoor air quality (e.g. poor humidity control, lack of fresh air, improper vapour control) should be considered at greater risk of mould growth. Water damaged drywall, wood materials, jute, wallpaper, and cardboard are prone to fungal growth. All moulds need water to grow. Mould can grow anywhere there is water damage, high humidity or dampness. Most often moulds are confined to areas near the source of water. When mouldy material becomes damaged or disturbed, mould spores can be released into the air. Exposure occurs if people inhale the spores. Facility management are encouraged to conduct a thorough building review to identify mould growth early. Small outbreaks can be quickly handled. Large outbreaks are expensive and will disrupt service.   More 

Contracting Out Construction Projects on Business’s Property Changes

Businesses that hire contractors to perform work are liable for the health and safety of their contractors’ workers, even if the contractor was hired precisely because it has a particular expertise that the business doesn’t have. This has been the law in Ontario for nearly three decades. However, that law has begun to develop in a nuanced way. A recent decision of the Ontario Court of Justice, upheld on appeal, held that a business that hires a contractor to perform construction work on land or premises that the business owns or occupies may be able to subcontract construction work out without attracting liability for the health and safety of the contractor’s workers. The decision is R. v. Greater Sudbury (City) has resulted in a shift of legal responsibility in this area.   More 

New Form of Public Grounds "Tagging" Appears in Ottawa

The new remake of The Lion King has been getting some harsh reviews — and you can add Ottawa's path and sidewalk users to the list of critics as people shared photos on social media of advertisements for the Disney film plastered on local walkways. The ads popped up on paths along the Rideau Canal, as well as on Sparks and Elgin streets. The City will be working with the organization in question to determine the next steps on how the unapproved stencils will be cleaned away. ORFA recommends recreation management review current policies to determine if updating is required to reflect this new form of “tagging”.   More 

Changes to the Control Of Exposure To Biological Or Chemical Agents - O. Reg. 185/19

Revisions to the Control Of Exposure To Biological Or Chemical Agents - O. Reg. 185/19 comes into force in January 2020. Provincial health and safety professionals noted the changes have pretty significant additions regarding respiratory protection programs, where Ontario was largely silent before. ORFA members are encouraged to review the revised Regulation to ensure operational compliance.    More

Remember That Ontario’s Poisonous Plants Bloom from June to September

Throughout Ontario, there are hazardous plants that can cause painful reactions if they touch a worker’s skin. They include, but are not limited to giant hogweed, wild parsnip, poison ivy, poison sumac and stinging nettle. Under the Occupational Health and Safety Act supervisors must “take every precaution reasonable in the circumstances to protect workers, including making sure workers are aware of risks”. Once identified, supervisors must protect workers from the hazards by providing information and instruction to protect their health and safety. This may include preventing or minimizing exposure by training to identify high risk plants and ensuring that appropriate personal protective clothing is provided, kept in good condition and used as required.   More 

Summer Student Exit Interviews Can Help Improve H&S Culture

Seasonal employees who complete their contracts can provide keen insight through an exit interview as to how a parks and recreation department is functioning. Exit interviews are conducted to generate feedback from employees with the goal to improve all aspects of the organization. However, it is a tool that can assist in evaluating the health and safety culture of the operation. After conducting the interviews and reviewing the data, management can make improvements that can have long term H&S benefits. Sometimes change can be very affordable and within reach. Don’t lose the opportunity.   

Town of Caledon - Sample Summer Student Exit Interview Questions

  1. Is this your first summer working for the Town?
  2. Did you receive information on the hazards and risks associated with your position and did you feel safe while performing your duties?
  3. Were your coworkers helpful and supportive?
  4. How approachable was your supervisor?
  5. Overall, how would you evaluate your supervisor's leadership/direction? Why?
  6. Was your placement relevant to your field of study? If so, did your assignments provide you with the opportunity to apply academic/practical training?
  7. Do you feel as though your work contributed to the success of the organization? Why or why not?
  8. Would you work for the Town in the future? If no, why not?
  9. Do you have any suggestions for the Town regarding the summer student program?


  1. Facilities Attendant    More
    Municipality of West Perth, ON

  2. Part Time Parks and Facility Operator    More
    Township of Lucan Biddulph, ON

  3. Horticulturist    More
    Township of Centre Wellington, ON

  4. Manager - Facilities Management    More
    City of Toronto, ON

  5. Project Manager    More
    Woolwich Township, ON

  6. Facilities/Property Manager    More
    Royal Canadian Yacht Club, Toronto, ON

  7. Recreation Coordinator - Aquatics    More
    City of Guelph, ON

  8. Maintenance Worker, Ice Arena    More
    City of Pickering, ON

  9. Facility Operator 1    More
    City of Barrie, ON

  10. Ski Hill Apprentice & Labourer    More
    Township of Manitouwadge, ON

  11. Refrigeration Plant Operator    More
    City of Pembroke, ON

  12. Facility Supervisor    More
    Town of Halton Hills, ON

  13. Manager of Facilities    More
    Town of Bracebridge, ON

  14. Facilities Operator    More
    Municipality of Port Hope, ON

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