Advanced Recreation Facility Energy Management

This newly revamped course will provide highly practical training and is designed for practitioners who are stakeholders responsible for budget management as well as cost management of recreational facilities. The content will focus on aquatic and artificial ice operations in both a stand-alone facility, as well as multi-use type buildings; however, some information will be transferable to other non-recreation municipal building operations.

The course curriculum has been revised and enhanced and emphasizes low cost/no cost operational best practices and improvements that can help manage energy usage throughout a facility. The ways facilities are charged are no longer the same manner and due to increased complexity there are additional factors to be considered. As a result of things like the Global Adjustment Charge impacting local facilities, the revised course content includes ways to take advantage of existing operating conditions and discuss how real time pricing may be unique to each facility due to operational practices. Additionally, the revised course will review the Green Energy Act for practitioners who interact with other team members both inside and outside of the organization who are responsible for required submissions as well for individuals who are responsible for submitting required documents such as energy reports.

Although not essential, students will benefit from having previously completed any of the following ORFA professional development opportunities: Basic Arena Refrigeration, Advanced Refrigeration Facility Operator, Recreation Facility Environmental Systems, Essentials of Swimming Pool Operations or Aquatic Facility Operations. It is recommended that those attending this course have a strong understanding of the mechanical, operational best practices and technological requirements of a typical recreation environment.

Topics covered include:
  • Energy Billing and the Latest Changes To Energy Pricing
  • The Global Adjustment Charge and Real Time Pricing in Ontario
  • Energy Best Practices
  • Impact Of Green Energy Act and How it Effects Recreational Facilities
  • Practical Skills to Identify, Implement, Commission, and Prove Low Cost/No Cost Energy Improvements