ORFA Predicts a High Demand for Seasonal Outdoor Aquatic Facilities This Coming Summer 2021 February 
Provincial COVID Shutdown Requires Recreation Facilities to Consider Compliance Requirements2021 January 
Ice Resurfacer Use Joint Statement 2020 November 
ORFA Board of Directors 2021/2022 2020 November 
Stage 3 - Reopening Sport and Recreation 2020 July 
ORFA Professional Development Courses: 2020 Reboot 2020 July 
Hockey Return to Play Does Mean Buildings Are Open 2020 June 
Reentering and Reopening Guiding Principles and Best Practices2020 May 

Outdoor Recreation Use During COVID-19 Emergency Order To Close All Outdoor Amenities

2020 March 

Playground Use During COVID-19 Things to Consider About Playground Use During Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)

2020 March 
ORFA 65th Annual Professional Development Program and EXPO - Event Cancellation2020 March 
2020 Ontario Turfgrass Symposium 2020 January 
You Have the Power to Save a Life 2019 October 
Policy Review Recommendation - Ice Arena Net Anchoring Systems 2019 October 
ORFA Board of Directors Visit Town of Petawawa and CFB Petawawa 2019 September 
NEW... ORFA Accessibility and Inclusion Award Announced2019 July 
ORFA Leadership Post Fernie Tragedy 2019 March 
New! Aquatic Facility Operations Course Announcement2019 February 
Facility Evictions Can Be A Slippery Legal Slope 2019 February 
Facility AEDs Need to be Accessible 2019 January
Warning: Recreation Facilities Are Potential High Risk Venues For Spreading Colds and Flu 2019 January 
The Risk of Using Skating Rink Ice Resurfacer Snow2019 January 

Announcing ORFA Board of Directors
(2019 - 2020 Term of Office)

2018 November 
Responding to Regulation 565: Public Pools Operational Changes 2018 September 
Fernie Arena Tragedy Identifies Three Contributing Factors 2018 August 
Technical Safety BC - Investigation Report Ammonia Release Fernie Memorial Arena 2018 August 
Operational Awareness and Potential Impact of Modified-Ice Games (which includes cross-ice or half-ice) 2018 July 
Kraft Hockeyville – Your Vote Counts! 2018 March 
Rick Hansen Foundation - Leadership Forum Follow Up 2018 March 
27th Annual Ontario Turfgrass Symposium 2017 December 
ORFA’s #150RecFacilities Campaign Winner 2017 December 

NSPF Announces Partnership with ORFA Coalition Will Promote Collaborative Education

2017 December 

Are Ontario’s Ice Rinks Safe? Follow Up - Ice Arena Registered Refrigeration Plant Safety Bulletin

2017 October 

Ice Arena Registered Refrigeration Plant Safety Bulletin An Industry Specific Plan to Collectively Move Forward

2017 October 
Are Ontario's Ice Rinks Safe? 2017 October 
NEW! Professional Designation Recertification Process - Effective January 1, 2018 2017 September 
Open for Public Comment: regarding potential amendments to the Operating Engineers regulation (O. Reg. 219/01) under the Technical Standards and Safety Act, 2000. 2017 August 
Structural Inspections – An Important and Vital Responsibility Toward Public Safety 2017 June 
Throwing Of Items By Fans Must Be Controlled By Policy  2017 June 
New Training Partnership With Recreation Facility Association of Nova Scotia (RFANS)  2017 May 
Supervisory Reminder -  Summer Students 2017 May 
#150RecFacilities - Celebrate Recreation Facilities 2017 May 
Reminder - Refrigeration Plant Operations  2017 May 
Recreation Workers Who Use ATV’s or UTV’s Must Know the Rules 2017 May 
What is Legionnaires' Disease - should we be concerned about it in our operations? 2017 April 
New Cross-Ice and Half-Ice Mandatory Policy From Hockey Canada Requires Communication and Careful Consideration With User Groups
2017 March 
Recreation Facilities Asset Management (RFAM) Software Program Provided At No-Cost As A Benefit of Membership
2016 April
REMINDER NOTICE – Section 39: Operating Engineers Regulation 2015 November
ORFA New Logo and Tagline 2015 April
Facility Manager Survey 2015 January 
Announcing your 2015-16 Board Members  2014 November
PSHSA and ORFA Sign Memorandum of Understanding 2013 December
ORFA and CHS Partnership 2013 December

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