The following is a partial list of ORFA-approved elective courses. This list will continue to grow as new trends in the field of recreation facility management provide opportunities for the design, development and delivery of industry-specific training initiatives.

Administration and Management Courses

  • Managing People at Work
  • Creative Program Planning and Management
  • Events Planning and Management
  • Legal Awareness I and II
  • Strategic Business Administration and Performance Measurement
  • Advanced Recreation Facility Energy Management
  • Aquatic Program Administration

Refrigeration and Ice Courses

  • Basic Refrigeration
  • Ice Making and Painting Technologies
  • Ice Maintenance and Equipment Operations
  • Advanced Refrigeration Facility Operator
  • Recreation Facility Environmental Systems (HVAC/R)

Aquatics Courses

  • Essentials of Swimming Pools Operations
  • Aquatic Facility Operations – Beyond the Basics

Buildings and Grounds Courses

  • Parks Maintenance and Operation
  • Parks Equipment Safety Operations
  • Sports Turf Management & Maintenance
  • Building Maintenance and Operations
  • Building Management and Operations
  • Energy Management for Recreation Facilities
  • Facility Housekeeping and Sanitization
  • Registered Playground Practitioner Program
  • Cemeterian Operations Level I
  • Cemeterian Operations Level II