Candidate Profile - Director At Large

Stephen Mearns, CIT 

Supervisor Recreation Facilities
City of St. Catharines

Hello, my name is Stephen Mearns and I am running for the position of Director at Large for the ORFA.

I have been a member of the ORFA Board of Directors since 2017.

I am currently working for the City of St Catharines as the Supervisor of Recreation Facilities. I am responsible for the operation of 2 arenas, Seymour-Hannah Sportsplex (4 pad) and Bill Burgoyne Arena. In my duties I also assist my colleague with a twin pad and a large aquatics facility.

Throughout my life I have always been involved in some sort of recreational activity whether it was hockey in the winter, soccer and football in the summer or my interest in the martial arts.

I began my career in recreation in 1999 with the City of Mississauga as facility operator 2. It was here I learned the business from the ground up. My duties included cleaning, set up and tear down of events, ice installation and removal, ice maintenance, ice resurface operations, pool water balancing, pool equipment maintenance, pool chemical, opening and closing of indoor and outdoor pools, operation of an outdoor rink, operation of a fitness centre and gymnasium. As my skills increased, I was able to move up to the position of facility operator 1. Here I began to gain my knowledge with refrigeration systems, pool filtration and HVAC operations and controls. I continued my education and increased my knowledge and was able to secure the position of Supervisor of Operations. This position exposed me to the administrative side of our business. I was learning the management of staff, operating budgets, capital budgets, writing procedures, training staff, dealing with legislative organizations and managing city assets.

During my career I have been involved in many committees. I was active on the arena and pool committees which mapped out procedures and standards for these areas. I was involved in the Facility Operations Training and Development Advisory committee both as a member and an instructor, for which I was recognized as a top instructor. We laid out the groundwork for staff qualifications and ensured they received the proper training to perform their jobs.

Here is a list of some of my achievements:

  • Refrigeration “B” ticket holder, 
  • Certified Ice Technician, 
  • Certified Pool Operator,
  • Certified Safety Rep, 
  • High Five Certified.
  • Completing my last course to achieve the CRFP professional designation

The ORFA plays a vital role in our industry ensuring our members are well informed and trained.

It has been a pleasure to be involved in the budget, strategic planning, and ensuring we keep to our mission and vison. I am proud to be part of this organization and my involvement with the Board especially during these hard times.

It would be an honour to continue working on the Board to help move our industry forward and ensure the ORFA continues to be the industry leader.

Thank you for time,


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