Course Equivalencies 

If you have completed courses through other colleges, universities or professional organizations similar to those offered in the ORFA Professional Designation Program you are encouraged to include these courses on your application form for consideration of equivalency. Please attach course outlines and original grade transcripts to your application. Submitted course equivalencies must have no less than 28 classroom hours and contain a minimum of 75% of the same course content as that of the ORFA-approved course.

If you would like to register for a course at a college or university or through a professional organization and would like to know if the course would be accepted for credit towards your application, please contact the ORFA for more information.

Please Note: Effective January 1, 2016, the ORFA will no longer accept course equivalencies.

Course Examinations and Passing Grade
Each course has a final exam. The passing grade for each ORFA-approved course is 60%, unless stated otherwise, (65% for courses leading to the CARPT professional designation). Individuals who are not successful in meeting this minimum grade will be required to repeat the course at the regular course fee. No challenge exams are permitted. 
RRFM and RRFA Project Requirement
The RRFM and RRFA designations include the completion of a final project. The scope and nature of the project must be specific to recreation facilities operations and/or management and agreed upon by the participant and his/her employer prior to approval by the ORFA. The resulting paper will be archived in the ORFA Resource Centre and made available as general information for the benefit of other recreation facility practitioners, upon request.

Please forward the following information to the ORFA prior to commencing work on the project:

  1. Applicant’s Name:
  2. Employer:
  3. Employer Address:
  4. Business Phone: Business Fax: Applicant’s Email:
  5. Project Title and Brief Description
  6. Time Required to Complete the Project
  7. What are the benefits of this project’s completion to the employer’s workplace?
  8. What are the benefits of this project’s completion to other recreation facility practitioners?