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The following documents represent suggested guidelines and best practices and are available as a benefit of membership for download in PDF format.


Release Date

Developing an Effective Facility User Respectful Behaviour Policy2021 November 
Evaluating Recreation Facility Structural Unfunded Liability Guideline2021 November 

Object Generated Head Impact vs. Worker Generated Head Impact Protection Guidelines

2021 November 
Bill 141, 2020 and Recreation Facility AED Equipment “Life” Cycle Asset Management2021 October 
Applying Ontario’s Trespass To Property Act (TPA) in a COVID Environment Guideline 2021 October 
Guideline For Unsupervised Fitness Areas2021 October 
A Risk Management Checklist for COVID-19 Facility Screener Positions2021 September 
Guideline to Safely Wearing Jewelry at Work2021 August 
A Guideline To the Wearing Shorts at Work2021 August 

Are You Covered By Legal Counsel At Work?

Note: Updated - Originally released in Mar 2014

2021 August 
Electric Vehicle Batteries Risk and Hazards Guideline 2021 May 
Recreation Facility Indoor Air Management Guideline2021 April 

5 Simple Steps for Developing a Recreation Asset Inventory

2021 April 
Live Streaming Facility Sporting Events Guideline2020 November 
A Recreation Supervisors Guide to Worker COVID-19 Screening and Exposure Control Planning2020 May 
Recreation Worker Essential Health and Safety Training Guideline2020 April 
Ontario Recreation Facilities Property Assessment Guide2020 March 
Preparing for an Opioid Overdose with Onsite NARCAN Nasal Spray Kits2020 February 
Converting a Recreation Centre to an Emergency Rescue Centre (Shelter) Guideline 2020 February
Use of Waivers in Todays Recreational Digital World2020 January 
Recreation Facility Worker Noise Risk and Hazard Awareness Guideline and Quiz2019 September 
Monitoring Facilities Code of Conduct2019 September 
Facility Branding Guideline 2019 September 
Maintaining a Recreation Facilities Fire/Emergency Equipment and Safe Environment 2019 September 
Designing a Facility Security Camera Use Policy 2019 September
Benefits of Recreation Worker Vaccination 2019 September 
Working Alone in a Recreation Environment Guideline2019 August 
Is It A Facility Construction or Maintenance Project?2019 July 
Why Arenas Can Be Costly To Construct 2019 July 
Developing an Effective Facility Operational Team
Note: Updated - Originally released in  May 2014
2019 May 
A General Understanding of Musical Tariffs in a Recreation Setting  2019 April 
Facility User Eviction Guideline 2019 April 
An Employers Guide to Developing Efficient and Safe Ice Resurfacer Operators 2019 April 
Recreation Facility Contractor Relationship Guideline 2019 April 
A Guide to Smoke-Free Ontario 2018 2019 April 
Facility Noise - The Potential To Have Long Term Hearing Affects
Note: Updated - Originally released in December 2009
2019 April 
Safely Dealing with Blood and Body Fluid Contact Guideline 2019 February 
Understanding Recreation Worker Respiratory Protective Equipment as PPE 2018 October
Reporting Workplace Health and Safety Incidents in a Recreation Environment  2018 September 

Scheduled Facility Structural Inspections Are Key Asset and Safety Management Tools
Note: Updated - Originally released in Feb 2010

2018 September 
Unpermitted Activities in Public Areas of Recreation Facilities
Note: Updated Originally Released in March 2013
2018 September 

Maintaining a Valid Workplace Driver’s License

2018 July 

Ready, Shoot, Aim – Recreation Facility Revenue Generation

2018 February 
Analyzing and Calculating Recreational User Fees 2018 February 
Revised Reporting of Critical Injuries in a Recreation Setting for Non Workers  2017 September 
Is it Time to Refresh Your Facility Contracts? 2017 September 
Recreational Distracted Driving: Risks Are Not Related To A Vehicle  2017 September 
Understanding and Correcting Recreation Facility Worker Time Theft  2017 July 
Recreation Worker - Fentanyl Awareness  2017 May 
Religious Head Coverings and the Wearing of Head Protection Policies  2017 February 
Who Is Responsible For Paying For Workplace PPE?  2016 November 
First Aid Misconceptions  2016 April 
Recreation Facility Emergency Planning
Note: Updated Originally Released in February 2002
2015 December
Managing Colour Vision Deficiency and the Recreation Worker
2015 October
Care and Control of Recreation Facilities: Child Safety
2015 October
Become an Energy Champion By Understanding Ontario's Current Electrical Costs
2015 September
Tobacco Free Recreation Facilities: Challenges and Realities
Note: Updated - Originally released in Aug 2013
2015 June
Who is a Supervisor Under the Occupational Health and Safety Act - Ministry of Labour 2015 February
25+ Years Later - Is WHMIS a Workplace Effective Tool or A Supervisory Operational Trap? 2015 January
Public Safety and Patron Code of Conduct: Facility Signage Guideline 2014 December
Guide to OHSA Requirements for Basic Awareness Training (MOL) 2014 September
Safe Facility Roof-Top Access Guideline 2014 August
Assessing Your Recreation Facilities For Vermiculite Insulation 2014 July
Play Safe Concussion Policy Guide 2014 June
Recreation Facilities Environmental Compliance Guidelines 2014 June
New and Young Worker Employer Guide 2014 April
Understanding the Mandatory Health & Safety Training Requirement 2014 April
Snow Load and Structural Integrity Inspection - Reminder 2014 January
"Facility Respect" - Taking Back Your Buildings 2013 December
Moisture and Mould Control for Recreation Facilities: Risks and Responsibilities 2013 October

Guidelines For Reporting Critical Injuries In A Recreation Workplace – Involving Non‐Workers
Note: Updated - Originally released in Nov 2012

2013 August
Automatic External Defibrillators: Unsecured Locations 2013 June

Municipal Alcohol Policy Guide ©2003

English | French | PDF available at no cost

Municipal Alcohol Policy Guide ©2003 (order for Binder/CD resource)

2013 February
Guidelines For Ice Arena Safety Netting 2013 February
Better Understanding Musical Tariffs in a Recreation Setting
2013 February
Guidelines for Holding On-Ice Ceremonies 2012 August
Responsible Maintenance And Operation For "Unattended" Refrigeration Plant Rooms 2011 December
Ministry of Labour "Safe At Work Strategy" - Personal Protective Equipment 2011 October
On Solid Ground - Slip Resistant Footwear for On - Ice Workers 2011 June
Facility Safety Advisory 2011 June
Locker Room Care and Control Suggested Best Practices 2011 May
A Valid Drivers License - Is it a Workplace Condition of Employment or a Legal Obligation? 2011 March
ORFA Working Safe Use of Propane Appliances at Special Events: Recreation Facilities 2010 July
Regular Structural Inspections Are Key To Controlling Snow Load Failures 2010 February
Light Bulb Changing – Risks and Responsibilities 2010 January
Saving Energy At the Rink Helps Keep Ice Cost Down 2010 January
Promising Practices in Parks & Recreation 2009 September
Funding Resource Guide for Municipal Operations  2009 September
Private Security & Investigative Services Act: Does it Affect Your Operation 2009 August
Determining Your Facilities Replacement 2009 April
Energy Efficient Facilities: It's In Our Power 2008 November

Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs): Guidelines for Recreation Facilities

Automatic External Defibrillators: Unsecured Locations (June 2013)

2008 March
Using Portable Propane Appliances in Ontario's Recreation Facilities 2008 January
Facility Planning and Design: Arenas 2007 October
Healthy and Active Ontarian's through Recreation and Parks Infrastructure 2007 July
Snow Load Analysis 2007 June
Industry Watch: Emerging Ice Issues 2007 April