Wagepoint is a small-but-mighty fintech company on a mission to simplify payroll – and maybe even dare to make it delightful! Our online software was created just for small businesses, automating the most “ugh” parts of payroll – like calculating wages and reporting on taxes – so that our customers can get back to doing, well, literally anything else. Backed by the world’s friendliest team, Wagepoint is always supportive, never stuffy and refreshingly human. Founded in 2012,  we make payroll magic happen for more than 25,000 small businesses, accountants and bookkeepers across Canada.

Wagepoint is your friendly payroll solution, turning hours of admin work into a few easy clicks. 

  • More than accurate and compliant payroll software, we're champions of small businesses and dedicated supporters of the recreation industry, celebrating and nurturing your growth every step of the way. 
  • Simply put, we love our customers. 

Why Wagepoint?

Simple software for busy small business owners and office managers

  • Easy to use. Click. Click. Click. Done! Simplify your payroll management with Wagepoint’s intuitive platform, designed to save you time and effort.

Transparent solutions

  • No hidden costs, what you see is what you get. We ensure you know exactly what you’re paying for without any surprises.

Homegrown expert support

  • “Eh”+ support from certified Canadian payroll experts who understand the unique needs of the recreational industry.
  • And with our smart add-ons, Time and People by Wagepoint, processes just get even smoother for your team.

Exclusive Benefits for Members of the Ontario Recreation Facilities Association

  • Enjoy a 10% discount on Wagepoint payroll, Time and People by Wagepoint.
  • Offer is evergreen and valid as long as Wagepoint is listed within the Ontario Recreation Facilities Association member directory. 

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