You Have the Power to Save A Life: Please Consider Becoming an Organ and Tissue Donor!


According to the Government of Canada, Minister of Health, approximately 4,500 people in Canada are waiting for a transplant right now and only a fraction of Canadians are registered as donors. Graham Nesbitt, ORFA’s Coordinator of Training and Development is one of those affected, and in critical need of a kidney transplant.

The good news is that organ donation is simple, easy and makes a big difference. A single donor can save up to eight lives and have a meaningful impact on 75 more people.

It only takes a few minutes to register to become a donor and to change someone’s life. Anyone can donate, regardless of age, medical condition or sexual orientation. You can also be a living donor by giving a kidney, part of the liver or part of a lung.

It’s important that you to talk to friends and family about organ and tissue donation; make sure they know your wishes and you know theirs. You can visit the Government of Canada’s Organ and Tissue Donation web page or the Ontario Be A Donor site to learn more about just how easy donation is.