Reminder - Refrigeration Plant Operations

As many seasonal recreation facility staff have moved from cutting ice to cutting grass, many refrigeration plants are being put to bed for the warm summer months.  The ORFA reminds all plant owners of the importance of continued monitoring of the refrigeration plant to ensure that safety valves continue to be operational and that pressures remain in check. Log book entries of these inspections is an important part of operational due diligence.

Secondly, the ORFA has received member experiences with failed, aged chiller “Deadman" Spring Return Safety Valves. A reminder that these safety devices need to be regularly replaced to ensure that they continue to provide worker protection. Although there is no set specific timetable for replacement, it would be reasonable to align this exchange with the plants other safety valve checking and recalibration timeframe of 5-years, or anytime the device shows signs of failure, or should an incident occur when using the safety device.