July 15, 2021

ORFA’s Return to Classroom COVID-19 Safety Plan – Vaccinations

    The ORFA remains committed to the health and safety of all its members, especially to those returning to the classroom to access ORFA education and training courses. ORFA’s Return to Classroom COVID-19 Safety Plan outlines the policies and procedures the ORFA, in partnership with the host facility, and each participant, will follow to mitigate potential risks and hazards during the COVID-19 pandemic. We remind all participants that personal safety is always an individual commitment that when implemented will help protect other participants and society.

    In consideration of ORFA’s commitment to personal and community safety, the Association supports the evidence-based recommendation of Health Canada and the National Advisory Committee on Immunization concerning COVID-19 vaccines.

    The ORFA encourages all members who are eligible for vaccination to be fully immunized at their earliest opportunity. Questions regarding COVID-19 vaccines are best answered by your primary healthcare provider.

    Current ORFA policy does not require proof of vaccination for members to attend on-site events. However, the ORFA follows provincial regulations including the wearing of masks, social distancing, and event capacity limits as required for indoor events. Due to privacy laws, the ORFA will not disclose the vaccination status of attending course instructors, event guest speakers or ORFA staff. For members who have concerns about returning to on-site events, please consider ORFA’s online course options.

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