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Ice Resurfacer Inspection  2020 October 
Reminder to Check Pressurized Tank Inspection Date  2020 September 
Coronavirus COVID-19 Update  2020 March 
Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) 2020 February 
Ice Resurfacer Magnetic Blade Change Safety Tool Failures 2019 November 
Recommending Ammonia Refrigeration Plant Exhaust Fan Design/Maintenance and Emergency Discharge Location Assessment 2018 December 
ESA - Electronic Ballast Inrush Current Causing Switch Failures 2017 June 
Safer Use and Storage of Portable Soccer Goalposts  2017 June 
Ice Arena Registered Refrigeration Plant Inspection - Off Season 
2016 May
Use of Wheeled Footwear and Other Similar Devices in Public Settings  2016 January 
Safer Use of Portable Soccer Goals
Note: Updated and Originally released Jul 2012
2014 July 
Ministry of Labour Alert - Safety Requirements For Powered Folding Partitions 2014 June
Court of Appeal Overturns Blue Mountain Accident Reporting Decision 2013 February
Music Licensing Obligations in Canada Impact to Recreation Facility Operations 2012 September
5 Year Extension Granted on the Use of Handheld Devices for Municipal Employees 2012 September
Monitoring Re:Sound Impact To Recreation Facility Operations
2012 August
Preventing Rollover Accidents 2012 August
Safer Use of Portable Soccer Goals 2012 July
AED Maintenance Program 2012 May
Reporting of Critical Injuries in a Recreation Workplace Involving Non-Workers Update
2011 November
Risks of Hot Water Over 49°C (120°F) 2010 December
H1N1 Influenza Virus: Recreation Facilities 2009 September
Ice Resurfacer Awareness 2007 November
Air Quality Awareness 2007 October
ORFA Joins P/T Ministers In Call For National Sport, Physical Activity and Recreation Infrastructure Program 2006 September
Public Pools in Ontario - Prevention of of Recreational Water Illnesses 2006 August
Update - Line Markings for the 2006-2007 Hockey Season 2006 June
Line Markings for the 2006-2007 Hockey Season 2006 June
The Popularity of "Heelys" Brings A Variety of Roller Shoes Out To Public Places 2005 November
A Federal Ministry Of Recreation, Sport And Physical Activity 2005 June
Portable Generator Use 2005 June
Ice Floor Coverings 2004 October
Hazardous Electrical Products 2004 February
Camera Cell Phones 2003 December
Snow Loading and Roof Failures 2002 March
Resurfacer Erupts Into Flames 2002 January
Tim Hickman - Coroners Inquest   1996 September 

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