Hosted by: Terry Piche, CRFP, CIT, Director, Training, Research and Development
Ontario Recreation Facilities Association Inc.

Release Date

Episode 27

Recreation Operational Melting Pot of Issues 

2023 March 

Episode 26

The "Grass Root" Start of the Guelph Turfgrass Institute (GTI)

2023 February

Episode 25

Not Your Supervisors BAR Course

2022 September

Episode 24

ORFA Moves to No Final Test at the End of In-class Training Courses 

2022 September

Episode 23

The History and Importance of User Fees

2022 August 

Episode 22

Good Bye Guelph, Hello Professional Development Programs!

2022 August 

Episode 21

What is the Safest Ice Thickness

2022 July 

Episode 20

When Can Users Actually Be Allowed Back in the Facility after an Electrical Disruption

 2022 July

Episode 19

A Walk Down Memory Lane With STAR

2022 June 

Episode 18

The Role of The Certified Playground Inspector
2022 June

Episode 17

Aquatic Staffing Challenges are Placing Pool Operations at Risk
2022 June

Episode 16

Understanding Training
2022 May

Episode 15

The 1992 Westray Mining Accident Still Influences Recreation Today 

2022 April 

Episode 14

How ORFA Thinks About Change 

2022 March 

Episode 13

Providing First Aid to the Public is a Moral Decision Not a Legal Requirement  

2022 March 

Episode 12

A History of Plant Room Logbook Readings
2022 February 

Episode 11

Facility Procurement Management 2022
2022 February

Episode 10

Covid 2022 – Ice (OHF), Fired and Ottawa Vandalism
2022 February

Episode 9

The Right to Disconnect from Work – Bill 27
2022 January

Episode 8

Low Pressure-High Charged Ice Sheet Refrigeration Plants
2021 December

Episode 7

An Open Discussion About Electric Ice Resurfacer’s

2021 May

Episode 6

Changing How We Use Recreation Changerooms During the Pandemic

2020 September

Episode 5

RFAM - Recreation Facility Asset Management Software

2020 August

Episode 4

The Realities of Re-entry and Reopening Costs

2020 July

Episode 3

Recreation Facility COVID-19 HVAC & Air Quality

2020 June

Episode 2

Confusion Erupts Surrounding Recreation Facility Conflicting Reopening Directives

2020 June

Episode 1

Recreation Facility COVID-19 Reentering and Reopening Guiding Principles and Best Practices
2020 May

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