ORFA Advises Members to Consider Adding Lithium-ion Battery Emergency Management in Facility Response Plans

January 3, 2024

Recreation facilities are inviting public spaces that house a variety of operational and user technologies. An increasing level of concern is being expressed by a variety of emergency management and response organizations for the need to include lithium-ion battery failure response as part of an enhanced emergency response plan. [More]

Lithium-ion batteries are used in power tools, computers, personal devices, scooters and bikes, cars, forklift trucks and other equipment that might be added to a facility without notice. The dangers they pose are prominent as a lithium-ion battery fire may result from physical damage that causes a short circuit, overheating, internal cell failure, short circuits, or manufacturing defects. Facility managers must consider what devices may be housed by user groups with office or storage spaces as part of the building rental or lease agreement.

The ORFA reminds members of the responsibility to have, maintain and practice emergency management response with all staff. The recent concern being expressed by emergency response partners to ensure that proper extinguishers and appropriate response plans are in place is a reminder to all facility staff of their emergency preparedness responsibilities. [More]