C. Earle Moore, RRFA, CIT

Arenas and Facilities Supervisor (Retired), City of Brockville

Share some of your most memorable career-related experiences

Memorable operational experiences - there are far too many to list. However, it was an honour to be a recipient of the ORFA Energy Champion Award and the Certificate of Merit during my career. Earning my RRFA and CIT professional designations was certainly something I was proud to achieve, along with a Permanent Arenas Certificate from the Ministry of Culture and Recreation. I was also very pleased to be recognized at ORFA’s annual general meeting in December 2018 as a retiring member who has been dedicated to the recreation facilities profession.

What would you describe as some of the most significant workplace and/or industry challenges you have faced over the years?

Budget restraints all too often comes into play when facing workplace challenges. It ends up affecting many facets when it comes to operations. With ageing facilities, it’s sometimes those unexpected expenditures that ends up becoming top priority. Which means other pending items and projects have to be pushed down the list. Knowing how to prioritize and manage staff has its own challenges. Sometimes there is a shortage of staff which made it difficult to coordinate major building maintenance projects. But keeping the lines of communication open and having a strong team is key to achieving the positive results needed to get through anything.

How was your involvement with the ORFA affected your career?

The ORFA has provided both first class training opportunities and information forums year-round. The access to valuable resources at your fingertips such as the “Best Practices and Operational Guidelines”, helps enhance facility operations. The endless sources available through networking with contacts in this industry, all who strive to obtain the same operational goals is incredible. My personal growth during my years of involvement has given me the ability to manage facility operations in a professional manner.

List any best practices or tips learned at an ORFA professional opportunity.

Resulting from my professional development opportunities I always strived to introduce staff to new ideas and implement techniques available. Sharing the knowledge.

What advice would you provide to colleagues considering teaching or mentoring in the industry?

I believe to be given the opportunity to teach or mentor within the industry would be a highlight to anyone’s career. It’s important to take the time to share experiences and skills with others. We all have something we can learn from each other and sharing this with each other results in a better place to work.

We asked Earle to share some final thoughts about his overall impressions, thoughts, “words of wisdom” he could share with us as a long-time committed ORFA member for so many years.

My involvement with the ORFA (formally Ontario Arenas Association) began in the fall of 1975 and concluded December 2018. During this time, I met many peers and special people who have given me endless memories. My advice would be this, always take your level of involvement in the industry very serious. Strive to improve, participate in every learning opportunity. Practice the skills you have learned and always be prepared to share and demonstrate with others. The board of directors and the ORFA team are an exceptional group of individuals, providing leadership and unequalled training to the membership.

Remember…learning is a never-ending experience. Hold the ORFA torch high for all to see and always be proud of your accomplishments.

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