E-News 2017



Release Date

  • #150Rec Facilities Campaign Winner
  • Ontario Enhancing Workplace Health and Safety
December 22
  • ORFA Annual Report
  • Awards and Recognition
  • Ontario Turfgrass Symposium
  • NSPF Announces Partnership with ORFA
December 20
  • Ice Maintenance and Equipment Operations
  • Outdoor Skating At Parliament Hill
  • Canadian 24-Hour Movement Guidelines for the Early Years (0-4 years)
  • 2017 Corporate Showcase
November 24
  • Accident Directive From Technical Safety BC Released 
  • O. Reg. 220/01: Boilers and Pressure Vessels - Update
  • 2018-19 Ontario Sport and Recreation Communities Fund (OSRCF)
  • New in 2018-19: Active for Life Recreation Stream for Seniors
  • Home Town Program: What does the Frank Cowan Company Home Town Program do?
  • 2017 Facilities Operational Forum and Annual General Meeting
November 20


Release Date

  • Facility Forum Magazine Fall Digital Edition Available Now
  • Ontario Increasing Minimum Wage on October 1st
  • ClubLink Files Application to Demolish Glen Abbey
October 3
  • Declaration of Principles 
  • Facility Forum Communications Survey
  • Distracted Driving
  • What's the Difference Between an Employee and Independent Contractor?
  • Look-up line' Actually Makes Hockey Rinks Less Safe, Calgary Research Suggests
September 12


Release Date

  • Regulatory Proposal Regarding Updates for the Operating Engineers Regulation (O.Reg.219/01) Under the Technical Standards and Safety Act, 2000
  • Bicycle Parking Best Practices 
  • Kraft Heinz Project Play
August 30
  • Township Closes Arena
  • Listen up! Reduce Workplace Noise in 4 Steps
  • Tips For Shift Workers
  • What Are Tips For Safe Storage of Pool Chemicals?
July 27
  • Facility Forum Magazine Summer Digital Edition Available Now
  • Health and Safety Advisory - Providing Safe Access to IHSC Cooling
  • Grounds Worker Heat Stress Reminder
  • Did You Know That Your Refrigeration Contractor Is Not Responsible For Your Plant Maintenance 
July 17


Release Date

  • ESA Bulletin Flash Notice 16-25-FL-Electronic Ballast Inrush Current Causing Switch Failures
  • Supervisor Awareness and Accountability Blitz
  • Leisure Information Network (LIN) Winding Down
  • How to Purchase a New Ice Resurfacer for $5.95
 June 29
  • Municipal Funding Opportunity
  • Structural Inspections - An Important and Vital Responsibility Toward Public Safety
 June 23
  • Safer Use and Storage of Portable Soccer Goalposts
  • Throwing of Items By Fans Must Be Controlled By Policy
  • The Municipal Asset Management Regulation Posted to the Ontario Environmental Registry
  • Regulatory proposals for the Boilers and Pressure Vessels Regulation (O. Reg. 220/010 under the Technical Standards and Safety Act, 2000
  • CDC Warns of Swimming Pool Parasite
 June 9
  • Summer Students
  • Protecting New and Young Workers on the Job
  • MOL- Hours of Work Blitz
  • WSIB Has New Way to Measure Workplace Health and Safety
  • The Sign on a Stadium Matters - and Visibility Brings Cash
 June 5
  • Celebrate Recreation Facilities and Community
  • New Partnership with RFANS
  • Reminder - Refrigeration Plant Operations
  • Did You Know?
 May 19


Release Date

  • Ontario Communities Can Apply for $50K in Grants for a Green Facelift
  • Use of ATV's and UTV's
  • What is Legionnaires' Disease - Should We Be Concerned About it in Our Operations?
  • MOL Inspection Blitzes
 April 26
  • Facility Forum Magazine Spring Digital Edition Available Now
  • 2017 EXPO Free Pass
 April 13
  • New Cross-ice and Half-ice Mandatory Policy from Hockey Canada Requires Communication and Careful Consideration with User Groups
  • The Man Behind the Push to Bring the NHL to China
  • Niagara Region Named Host of the 2021 Canada Summer Games
  • Dr. Tom Pashby Sports Safety Fund Announces Ground-Breaking Safety Partnership with Leaside Memorial Community Gardens
 April 5
  • How Much Urine in in a Swimming Pool? Canadian Study has the Answer
  • Family of Ontario Teen Impaled by Golf Club Files $20-million Lawsuit
  • CSA Communities Account
 March 10
  • Blitz Results: Chemical Handling 2016
  • Risk Management Regional Sessions
 March 1


Release Date

  • Reminder: Family Day is a Statutory Holiday
  • The Copyright Board of Canada
  • TSSA Public Consultation 
 February 17
  • Zap Zones - Keeping Your Distance
  • Machine Safeguarding
 February 10
  • Ontario Turfgrass Symposium
 February 3
  • Clarification on the Definition of Regulation 834: Critical Injury
  • Another Roof Collapse
 January 27
  • MLSE Head Groundskeeper, Robert Heggie at OTS 2017
  • Roof Collapses - Reminder
 January 20
  • Dutch Study: Synthetic Fields with Rubber Crumbs Are Safe
  • BMO Field's Hat Trick: Three Sports, Four Games, Five Weeks, One Stadium
  • Learn How Canada's Activity Stacks Up Against Other Countries
  • Ontario Energy Board Refuses Auditor's Call To Clarify Hydro Bill's "Global Adjustment"
 January 9
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